Friday, April 13, 2012

Granny's Got Game: The Fabulous Seventies

  I am constantly amazed at how efficient the Twitter medium has become at relaying information across the globe to educate, and/or 'do good' -- for lack of a better phrase.

  Several weeks ago I was passed along a link to a trailer of a documentary about a senior women's basketball team in North Carolina. Senior as in, all the team members are in their seventies. Not something you see every day -- but I thought to myself, great for them!

  It sparked my interest. And I was curious to find out a little bit more about the film project starring these ladies. I found their story to be inspirational, and one worth passing along! The film is called 'Granny's Got Game'.

Their Story

  'Granny's Got Game' is a documentary film about a senior women's basketball team based in North Carolina. The film follows them through their 2011 season, and culminates with a trip to the National Senior Games Championship in Houston. Just like any basketball season, these ladies' season was filled with countless ups and downs, and obstacles to overcome.

  The team is comprised of seven fiercely competitive women, all in their seventies. They started playing 6-on-6 basketball (where you couldn't cross the half court line -- so you were either strictly an offensive player, or a defensive player) in the 1950s but stopped after high school. In pre-Title IX America, there were no opportunities for women to keep playing after high school.

  After a long break from the game, the ladies are back playing the game they love so dearly, with teammates who have become like family. For 17 years the Fabulous Seventies, have been competing together in Senior Games Tournaments throughout the country. They've had to adjust to and learn a new, physical style of basketball (where they now play both offense and defense) while overcoming the skepticism of their peers.

  The Fabulous Seventies has had great success in their time together, winning numerous medals in tournaments across the country. And as teammates and friends, they support each other off the court through the difficulties that accompany aging, such as breast cancer, injury, and widowhood. These women are more than a team...they are a family.

Behind the Scenes
  Film maker, Angela Gorsica Alford, a former player herself, followed the Fabulous Seventies (their team name) for over a year. Here are her goals for her first film:
  • honor and celebrate these amazing women. 
  • inspire people of all ages to stay active. 
  • change perceptions of the capabilities of the elderly and contest negative stereotypes. 
  • highlight the support and encouragement the women get from being part of a team. 
  • give younger viewers a sense of perspective so they can appreciate today’s sports opportunities.
  • illustrate the competitive and ambitious nature of female athletes of all ages. 
  Gorsica Alford intends on showing the movie in film festivals across the country, and pursuing television broadcast opportunities. She also plans to screen the film for senior centers and youth basketball camps.

Angela with the team.
  The film is in post-production now, but is low on funds. There is a fundraising effort currently taking place in order to reach these goals. The more money that is raised, the more people will get to see the film and be inspired by The Fabulous Seventies! All funds raised will be used to finish and market the film. Go here for all information about the film, and fundraising efforts.

  It's a story of inspiration. They enjoy playing the game of basketball. But they play to win, not just to play! It's a story of camaraderie. They overcome a great deal to go out on the court with their best friends. And it's a story that should be passed along!

  Aren't these ladies awesome?!? It's never too late to keep playing! Vote for the film this week in the Indie Wire Project of the Week! Watch the short trailer, and follow the links below for more information to cheer The Fabulous Seventies on!

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