Monday, January 9, 2012

Back from Hiatus

With my three nieces!

  Happy 2012, and welcome back to Sabrina's Crossing! I took a longer-than-expected hiatus from blogging while home for the Holidays, but I'm back in France, and ready to get back to it (basketball and blogging, that is)!

  I had an awesome time at home, spending most of my time with family and friends. And of course I continued to workout to stay in shape for the remainder of the season!

  Since I was in Oregon for nearly three weeks, I had to keep reminding myself that I was in-season, and still had four months of basketball to play! From past experience, a 7-10 day break for the Holidays is the norm. Last year in Sweden, I had about five days. So I guess it all balances itself out from year to year. While a longer break is always more-desirable, at a certain point you realize it's time to get back to 'doing what you do'!

Playing Wii with Sofie.
  That said, I'm excited to get the second half of the season started! But first I need to get my land legs back, and get this jet-lag under control (I think I spent all of Sunday drifting in and out of consciousness, and then had my eyes pop open this morning around 4am!). 

  So what did I do at home, since I obviously wasn't blogging?!? A little bit of everything, I guess.

  I made frequent visits to ClubSport to keep my conditioning up to par, and to stay ready for the second half of the basketball season. ClubSport is always changing, they're always making upgrades. And this time around was no different.

  Among other things, they added a 'high altitude training' room. I immediately wanted to give it a try, and see how a simulated run at altitude compared with the many runs at altitude I've done in Colorado. I didn't lose my breath as quickly as I thought I should (room was set for 9,500 ft.), but it was a fun/interesting thing to do.

The line up outside the ES.
  One of the more-ridiculous things that happened while I was home was when I took a trip to the Nike Employee Store the day the Jordan XIs were released. I guess I underestimated the power of  possibly the most-popular Nike ever. But needless to say, the appetite for shoes, and Jordans in particular, never cease to amaze me.

  I quickly made the decision to reschedule my pass to the ES for another, less-chaotic day when the line just to get into the store was out to the street, several hundred feet from the door.

With Sadie.
With Stella.
  After spending four months away, it's always fun to see how much my three incredible nieces have grown and changed during that time. I swear, they just get cuter, funnier, smarter, and more- entertaining every time I see them (no bias)!

  We have a great time together, whether it's playing Wii, playing dress-up (them, not me!!), going to the coffee shop for a treat or two, playing basketball, or playing on scooters, bikes, or roller racers!

  Stella, Sadie, and Sofie always keep me on my toes, and always manage to keep a smile firmly planted on my face!

First birthday dinner with Nana & nieces!
  The benefit of having a long Holiday break, was that I was able to celebrate my birthday at home for the first time in several years. I share a birthday with my Nana, so it was a special day to be able to see her on January 3rd this time around!

  We definitely took full advantage, and spent some quality family time together (I count two family birthday dinners). Nothing like having a homemade chocolate birthday cake!

  I was also able to take advantage of scheduling and timing, and make the three-hour drive to Seattle to watch the Colorado women's basketball team take on the Huskies. I hadn't seen the Buffs play in person since 2008, and it was my first opportunity to catch the Buffs in action since my CU teammate, and good friend Linda took over the reins as head coach!

Coach Lappe and the Buffs in action!
  Seeing a college game again was fun. The pace and the intricacies of the game are much different than the European game, and the college game has changed a lot since I wore the black and gold.

  Unfortunately, I probably won't be allowed back for any games in the near future, since I was on-hand for the Buffs' first loss of the season. But it was great being in the stands cheering for my alma mater!

  My mom made the day-trip to Seattle with me, and we had a wonderful afternoon together: spending time downtown, at Pike's Place Market, Starbucks, and of course cheering on the Buffs and yelling at referees!

Mom & I in Seattle.
  Obviously, the main reason I went home, was to spend Christmas with my family. To me, it just isn't Christmas unless I'm with my family! I had a chance to catch up with a lot of friends I only get to see on occasion. I got to meet a new second-cousin (my cousin Robbie's son, Wesley). I managed to finish my shopping in time, and hopefully everyone enjoyed the presents I brought home from Europe!

  But outside of that, the time I got to spend with my family was the real gift! I had a great Holiday at home, and I loved every second of it.

  The sun is finally rising on Monday morning here in Dunkerque

  I'm also looking forward resuming my journey with this blog. As you might notice, I made a few changes to the layout. Please let me know if the text is too difficult to read, or any other feedback you might have. Thanks again!

2012 in Dunkerque!
Happy 2012!


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