Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is Serious Returns

  All my hoopers -- no matter where you live -- here's your shot to go to Barcelona in September with Nike Basketball.

  Grab your phone, and have a friend record your skills --your nicest dunk, your range from three, your best ball handling -- show off your A-game and you might be selected!

  Upload, and share your video via social media (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook) with #SummerIsSerious (#SearchForTheBaddest if you're outside of the US). And don't forget to register here to make it all official.

  If the kind folks at Nike Basketball like your game, you'll get a player card, a nickname, and earn a spot on The Baddest Draft Board (100 spots). After that, you never know what might happen -- you could find yourself on a plane to Barcelona with the Swoosh!

  It's pretty easy. I did it last year. And if you get selected, the payoff is is well-worth it.

  Questions? Let me know!

My entry from last year:
The player card Nike made for me.

The video I submitted.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Papa's Team's Revival

Papa's Team -- the 2013 rendition.

  Last summer, I had the opportunity to lead a fundraising and walk effort on behalf of my grandpa benefiting the Alzheimer's Association. 

  Through the help of friends, family and loyal readers, Papa's Team was able to collect $700 for the Portland edition of the 2013 Walk to End Alzheimer's.

  After the walk last summer, I wanted to commit to making the walk a yearly event --to bring attention to the far-reaching disease, raise funds for an outstanding organization, and most importantly, walk in the memory of Papa each and every year.

  As promised, it's that time again to start leading fundraising efforts, and asking friends and family to join us for a walk at PIR in September. 

  Walk details are as follows:
2014 Walk to End Alzheimer's 
Portland, OR 
Date: Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 2pm 
Location: Portland International Raceway 
1940 North Victory Boulevard Portland, OR 97217 
Coordinator: Kara Busick 
Phone: 503-416-0209 
Why Walk is Important
Click for details about Alzheimer's.
  The Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Held annually in more than 600 communities across the country, the walk calls on participants of all ages and abilities to help affect the future for millions.

  Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease -- the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.

  The cost of care and support is rising on a yearly basis because the number of those living with Alzheimer's continues to grow exponentially. It is up to us to help ease those costs, and hopefully, eventually, find a cure.

  My family lost Papa to Alzheimer's in the Spring of 2009, after a 12-year bout with the disease. If our fundraising can help bring awareness to, aid a caregiver or family member, or eventually help with finding a cure, then we have done our job.

  I hope you can join us on September 7th, or donate on behalf of Papa's Team! Let me know if you have any questions.

Nana & Papa
The Dresslers
My cousin, Robbie, & I with Papa.   
Nana & Papa on their anniversary in 2009. 
The Promise Garden at the 2013 Walk. 

Walk start like at Portland International Raceway.
The button I had made for Papa's Team.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Texting & Walking

  There's a new hazard in the streets of Portland (and to venture a guess, every other city throughout the country): people with their faces glued to their phones.

  The number of people walking down the street, any street -- in a city, along a country road, crossing the street in a suburb -- with their noses in their phones is astounding.

  Let them walk into a pole the next time they're at it -- and if it's me, let me run into it head on. Is that too harsh? That way, we'd learn our lesson!

  Just over the past week or so, I've nearly been run into by text and walkers (or Tweeters/Instagrammers and walkers) on four or five occasions.

  Unless you're lost, is what's on your phone really that important?

  Sure, I'm guilty too. But I'm making a conscious effort to put my phone away. When I'm out and about, take in the sights, pay attention to my surroundings -- I've found they can be pretty entertaining and interesting as well.

  It feels like we don't enjoy the moment anymore -- we can just 'be' for a couple minutes. We have to be entertained by some thing at every moment. And we're constantly looking for that next 'thing' --whatever it is -- the video or photo to share, the funny moment to text your friend about.

  But let's be real, it's kind of embarrassing. Go into a work break room, a cafeteria, a library, a mall, any place really -- and we've all got our noses firmly planted in our phones.

  Here's the challenge: let's put the phones away. 

  Enjoy our company. Enjoy our surroundings. Enjoy the scenery.

  If you want, take a picture, but then put your phone right back into your pocket or purse.

  How quick, are we as adults, to judge a group of kids sitting at a table, ignoring their surroundings and their 'friends', nose glued to a screen of some sort? But when it's us at the table, we don't bat an eye.

  It's not a good look.

  Let's give it a shot, and see how it goes. And if you must, please stop in one place, lest you won't run into me (or be hit by a car).