Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gagoo/Nkosi's Haven Pajama Project Update

Nkosi's Haven

  You may recall my blog about the Pajama project for Nkosi's Haven, led by Vanessa Marcil, that I have become involved with. Since initially publishing in November, several updates have been made along the way.

  But more details have emerged recently, so I wanted to give you all the most-recent, exciting information! (And throw the idea back out into the blogosphere)

  Here's a quick rundown of our efforts: Vanessa, and a team of generous ladies will be making a visit to Nkosi's Haven this Spring (Nkosi's is a shelter for mothers and their children infected with HIV/AIDS, and resulting AIDS orphans--read more in my first Nkosi's blog from November). Upon that visit, they will be bringing with them supplies, toys, clothes, shoes, etc... to donate to the shelter.

  Beyond the donation of these items, we also have a goal of providing every child, mother and caretaker at Nkosi's (and the surrounding area) with a new pair of 100% organic cotton Gagoo pajamas.

Gagoo Jammies!
  Vanessa has been working tirelessly to design these extra-special pairs of pajamas for the kids we're trying to reach. As the pajamas have come together, I have tried to keep all interested parties updated. As you can see from the latest pictures (seen at left, and below), these PJs will sport the name and logo Gagoo (Vanessa's baby/kids clothing line being launched April 28th).

  Our initial goal was to have 10,000 pairs of organic pajamas ordered, and we're hovering right around that benchmark. We can't have too many orders, just like we can't have too many pairs of comfy jammies to donate to the kids at Nkosi's.

  Here's a reminder of the 'Gagoo deal'. Order ONE pair of these adorable organic pajamas for a child in YOUR life, and a SECOND pair will be donated by Vanessa and team to a child at Nkosi's.

  For $29.99, you get two pairs of adorable organic cotton pajamas!

  If you would like, you can choose to have BOTH pairs of pajamas go to the children at Nkosi's (something I have done, and something several people who have ordered from me, have done).

Gagoo jammies!
  Sizes run from newborn to youth size 10 (10 years old)!!

  If you haven't done so already, email: to get your pajamas ordered! Or like before, you can contact me, and I will submit the order on your behalf. You will receive a follow up email, and will be informed when the pajamas are ready!

  Our primary goal is to show love & compassion to a group of children that may need it the most. Providing them with a new pair of pajamas is an awesome way to do just that! It's something so small, yet so meaningful.

  Thanks so much!

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The Goal: 10,000 pairs of jammies ordered for AIDS orphans at Nkosi's Haven
The Cost: $29.99 for 2 pairs of 100% organic cotton pajamas (one pair for a child in your life, and one pair for an orphan at Nkosi's Haven)
Sizes: Newborn to Youth Size 10
Email: to get on the wait list to place your pajama orders. Leave your name, phone #, address, email, the quantity & size you need. The sizes range from newborn to youth 10. You will receive an email when they are available to purchase.
Website: See: to donate directly to the cause, or buy tickets for the launch party of Baby Gagoo on April 28th (proceeds go to Sojourn and Nkosi's Haven)!


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