Monday, July 23, 2012

My Philosophy: Be Versatile

Blogging, the old fashioned way.

  Last week I had the chance to sit-in on a Trainers Round Table where various professionals discussed their training philosophies. Although I am not a trainer, the topic got me thinking, and thinking broader than just the scope of training.

  Not just, what is your training philosophy? But, what is your philosophy, period?

  How do you live?

  Here's mine: Be versatile. Be well-rounded. Expand. Get better.

  Continue to challenge yourself, your body, your mind.

  While my life may lean heavily towards athletics, and more specifically, basketball. I am working at broadening my horizons, and learn new things. My blogs are a reflection of that. I have variety of topics that I'm genuinely interested in, and continually trying to learn more about.

  Be versatile.

  That's how I play basketball. That's how I train.

Bird & Magic: Stat-sheet-stuffers.
  In basketball, I grew up thinking the more versatile I could be, the better. Partially, because I thought that was the most fun way to play. I thought it was boring to go stand in the post, and wait for a guard to pass you the ball. So I developed guard skills. And didn't have to wait for anyone. I focused on my entire game. Not just shooting, or any other particular aspect.

  I have always admired players who could 'stuff a stat sheet' as they say. Players who could do anything on the floor. Players like that, those are the players you're unable to forget. That's how I tried to play as a kid, and that's how I continue to play now.

  In training your body, if you continually work the same muscles, in the same manner, they wear down, grow tired, and injuries may occur. The exercises become less and less effective. At the same time, the muscles you neglect, weaken. Not to mention, you get bored doing the same things over and over.

  Whereas if you train your body in a variety of ways, you're constantly using and developing different muscles. Your body will hold up better, and be more efficient for day-to-day use, and wear and tear. Take a different class. Go for a swim. Spice your workouts up a little!

Do something out of the ordinary!
  In every regard, it's easy to do what we are good at, and ignore our weaknesses.

  I naturally can run longer distances better than I can sprint. So I force myself to do a sprint workout at least once or twice a week in the off-season in hopes that I will become better at it (as well as reaping the benefits of interval training).

  If there is something you want to learn to do, read about it! If you are curious about how something works, research it!

  By working to become versatile, weaknesses can turn into assets.

  On the flip side, there are times when I come across an opponent on the basketball court who clearly has ONE thing she does exceptionally well. And she's unstoppable at it.

  Just like there are people who are extremely successful in the business world because they can do one specific thing better than anyone else. 

  So sometimes I question, is it better to excel at just ONE thing, or proficient at MANY?

Make yourself anything you want!
  Be a 'Jack of all trades', or specialize?

  With all of my worldly experience (tongue firmly implanted in cheek), I still think it's a no-brainer. The more versatile you are, the better. In every aspect. We don't want our brain, or our muscles, wearing out from doing the same thing over and over again, do we?

  Be versatile. 

  We all have different talents, and different interests. And we're never too old to learn something new, or try something new. We can better ourselves, and redefine ourselves at anytime. Being well-rounded keeps things fresh and new, and exciting (no ruts!). It constantly challenges your comfort zone.

  People may have put me into the 'she's a basketball player' box long ago. And that is definitely true. But I think there are several other boxes I can wiggle myself into as well. Don't be put into one box. Be undefinable.


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