Thursday, September 6, 2012

1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Familiar morning view out my window in Dunkerque.

  The passing of September 1st, marked the one year anniversary of Sabrina's Crossing. Yay! I started my blogging journey as I began my first season in Dunkerque, France last September

  Ironically enough, I spent my one year celebration on a plane, returning to the same French city for year two.

  Even though I took, what resulted in, a writing hiatus this summer, I fully intend to continue blogging on a regular basis throughout my second season in Dunkerque.

  As summertime progressed, I found it difficult to sit down, three to four hours a day, and plunk out, what I felt, was a worthy post. Not that there wasn't anything I wanted to write about while I was home. I had topics upon topics that I wanted to put to paper, so to speak. When that summertime Oregon sun (as rare as it is sometimes) was shining bright, forgive me, but the last place I wanted to be was inside, in front of a computer. That seems too much like a job to me. ;)
I wanted to enjoy this during the summer!

  After all, I began my blog as a hobby, and continued it, because I enjoyed it. So I wanted it to remain just that.

  After a year of blogging, I can say with 100% certainty, that it was the best/smartest thing I've done off the basketball court in a long while.

  During my previous eight seasons in Europe, it became all-too-easy to let the hours and days pass by watching movies, and updating my Facebook status. I wanted something more than that. I felt I needed to make progress, and do something stimulating, something worthwhile.

Sunset over la plage.
  I've found blogging keeps you dialed in. You're more in-tune with your everyday surroundings because even the smallest things can spark an idea. Since coming up with writing topics three times a week can be a daunting task, you're constantly on the lookout for your next topic. So you look anywhere and everywhere for inspiration.

  I've often found myself jotting down ideas when I get them (because I've been known to have a wandering mind, it's important for me to write them down!). Sometimes they lead to nothing. Other times, they lead to an interesting (hopefully, for you, the reader, as well!) topic to write about. But you never know where an idea will go, as long as you don't forget it!

Salle Marc Burnod--Dunkerque.
  As far as content goes, I obviously have a solid base to work with: my basketball season, and traveling/living in Europe. But I think basketball is only 'news-worthy' after games. The practice week leading up to games can be pretty monotonous and not too exciting. So I reserve most of my basketball talk for game recaps. 

  Travel, and more appropriate for me, Euro-Living, is always at the forefront of my time abroad. I'm not able to travel much while I'm in-season, so I might draw on past travel experiences. But everyday differences I encounter as an American living in Europe is always a fun/interesting topic to tackle. I may have run the gamut on Euro-Living, but we'll see what I'm able to come up with this season!

Last year, above the beach. WWII bunkers below.
  Those two topics will remain the 'meat' of my blog. I'll also continue my interest in the US food system and certain health matters. After that, everything else is fair game!

  Blogging has also allowed me to focus a bit on my 'after basketball life'. What you're able to effectively write about is probably fairly indicative of things you have a passion for. So I look to my blog to help me focus-in on the things that really matter to me. I've made a few interesting connections because of my blog, and look forward to growing those connections, and making a few more in the coming months!

  Though I sit here, looking out onto the same scene as the year before (and it's not a bad view to look onto!), let's work to move to a different 'place'. I'm hoping and striving for another year of growth -- both as a basketball player, and in my life off the court.

  Here's to a new season!


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