Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Pajama Project & Baby Gagoo's East Coast Launch

Fat Kat baseball tee.

  Too many times, public figures, celebrities if you will, are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  Who knows why we choose to highlight the negative instead of the positive. More often than not, however, celebrities, like the rest of us, do good. And usually, the good is not sufficiently celebrated.

  This summer, I had the chance to see a little of the 'good', live and in action. So I wanted to bring a little more attention to the cause.

  Last year, about this time, I first wrote about a charity project I became involved with, led by actress Vanessa Marcil, benefiting Nkosi's Haven and Sojourn Services.

Store setup at the Baby Gagoo launch in Staten Island.
  The project consisted of raising awareness (and money), and donating items to children and women in need of a little extra help.

  Nkosi's Haven is a residential care center in South Africa that provides care for HIV/AIDS infected mothers, children and AIDS orphans (infected or not). Sojourn, based in Los Angeles, provides battered women and their children a safe place to regroup, rebuild, and reestablish their self-esteem and lives. 

Kiddos showing off the Gagoo threads.
  Nearly a year later, the project continues on. With the launch of Vanessa's Baby Gagoo clothing line earlier this year, that project has been dubbed 'the Pajama Project'.

  In August, at the East Coast launch event at Jimmy's Fine Jewelery Too in Staten Island, party-goers had the chance to see the beautiful clothing up close, as they were modeled by kids running around the venue, bid on various auction items, mingle with Vanessa and friends, all the while raising money for two worthwhile and deserving charities.

  Did I mention that proceeds benefited Nkosi's and Sojourn?

  The organic clothing line features newborn, toddler, and youth clothing (along with big 'kid' -- adult -- hoodies and tees too!) designed by Vanessa. The characters on the clothes, Gagoo and Fat Kat, were created by Vanessa, her son Kassius, and sister Sherry. Gagoo and Fat Kat are featured in stories that we all can learn from, and aim to show children 'It's okay to be...' whatever you are!

Kassius, Vanessa, Gagoo, & Jimmy at Staten Island event.
  Like it or not, the Holidays are fast approaching. So I wanted to put the idea of the Pajama Project back into your minds.  

  For every item bought from Baby Gagoo, one pair of pajamas is donated to Nkosi's Haven. Simple as that.

  Whoever your little loved ones are, whether you have kids yourself, or adorable nieces like I do, the clothes from Gagoo make beautiful gifts. The clothes are incredibly soft, comfy, made from organic materials (and low-impact dyes), and 'emotionally nutritious'.

  Let's continue to support Vanessa, Baby Gagoo, and this wonderful project. For those of you interested, it would be an amazing gift for the little one(s) in your life, and the women and children at Nkosi's and Sojourn.
Beautiful clothing from Baby Gagoo.
  Baby Gagoo is a 'mom and pop' operation, so items are made as the orders are placed. If you are shopping for the holidays or one day in-particular day, please keep this in mind!

  Put the Baby Gagoo Store in your favorites, and when it comes time to do some Holiday shopping, please remember the Pajama Project with Baby Gagoo!


A few more pictures from the August 4th event:

The star of the night: Gagoo in the flesh!
Even I got my picture with Gagoo!
Quick picture with Vanessa.
Some of the ladies involved with the Pajama Project. :)
Another group shot.


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