Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is Serious Returns

  All my hoopers -- no matter where you live -- here's your shot to go to Barcelona in September with Nike Basketball.

  Grab your phone, and have a friend record your skills --your nicest dunk, your range from three, your best ball handling -- show off your A-game and you might be selected!

  Upload, and share your video via social media (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook) with #SummerIsSerious (#SearchForTheBaddest if you're outside of the US). And don't forget to register here to make it all official.

  If the kind folks at Nike Basketball like your game, you'll get a player card, a nickname, and earn a spot on The Baddest Draft Board (100 spots). After that, you never know what might happen -- you could find yourself on a plane to Barcelona with the Swoosh!

  It's pretty easy. I did it last year. And if you get selected, the payoff is is well-worth it.

  Questions? Let me know!

My entry from last year:
The player card Nike made for me.

The video I submitted.


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