Friday, January 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Nana and I celebrating our birthday!

  There truly is no place like home.

  No matter how many times you leave, no matter how old you are, there's nothing like going back home. After four months in France, I was able to return home for a few weeks over the Holidays and enjoy the company of my family.

  For me, when I'm home in Portland, that's what it's all about. All family, all of the time.

  When it comes time to head back overseas, it's tough . No many how many times I have done it, it's always hard getting on the plane and returning to Europe -- leaving family behind. The Holidays are filled with family time and for me, since my birthday is right after the New Year, I'm always a little extra-reluctant to get on the plane, and give up that family atmosphere.

Holiday Lights on Peacock Lane.
  Your heart is so full from those days spent with loved ones, that it's hard to return to the grind of life as a basketball player abroad.

  But after a certain point, you realize enough is enough. That it's time to get back to work. Your family members and friends return to their normal work schedule, and 'regular' life resumes. So regular life must go on for you as well.

  You settle back into your routine, and you get back into your season, and your life in Europe.

  So here I am. Back, and ready to get after 2013!

  But first, here are a few highlights from my Holiday break (but certainly not ALL the memorable moments):

- Getting re-acquainted with my nieces for several days, and getting to help out with one of their basketball practices. The three of them never fail to amaze me, entertain me, and make me laugh.
Breaking out the Kitchen Aid to whip up the cheesecake.

- A walk/run around the lake with my mom (she 
 walks, then I leave later and catch her!) on a beautifully sunny day. We meet up at Starbucks for a coffee, then walk the last mile-plus home. It's always one of my favorite things to do!

- Holiday Lights on Peacock Lane with my parents and nieces. Peacock Lane is a Portland tradition that I had visited once before, but don't have memory of.

- An afternoon spent shopping in Downtown Portland with my mom.

- Catching up with an old friend who is newly engaged!

- Making my first cheesecake -- for Christmas dessert!

- Christmas Eve at my aunt & uncle's

Family time.
- Christmas Day at my brother's

- An early birthday celebration with Nana, and the rest of the family.

  One not-so-highlight: Spent my birthday on a plane (that's one thing I can say I've never done), and jet-lagged once I touched-down in Dunkerque. So I spent the day pretty much wishing it to be over so I could settle in my bed and sleep! I was able to celebrate a few days early with my Nana (who I share a birthday with) and my family. But celebrating nearly a week early isn't quite the same. But you adjust, and you appreciate being able to celebrate at all.

  So you see, I had a pretty great break, and have a lot to be grateful for! I'll stick these moments into the memory bank, and continue on, making new memorable moments.

                                                                                              Happy 2013!

More Holiday break pictures below...

Family time in the gym!
One of the houses on Peacock Lane.
Blowing out the candles.
Birthday girls.
Nana and some of her great-granddaughters.
My Red Velvet cheesecake. Yum.


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