Monday, January 14, 2013

Pseudo-Health Foods

  Many of us are trying to be more health conscious with our eating habits. Like anything though, there are trends that come and go, and in the realm of nutrition, it's no different. What are the fad foods of the moment? The super-foods, so to speak? The food that no one's heard of before, but will suddenly make us that much more healthy?

  Sometimes there ARE super-foods, or new discoveries nutritionally. But on the other hand, often times, we are misled.

  What foods are touted as being healthy, when in reality, they are high in sugar, calories, or fat (or all of the above), thus not 'healthy' for us at all? There's nothing more frustrating than being misguided by hype and public opinion.

  It's easy to get caught up in what the advertisements say, and what everyone else is saying and doing. Let's be honest, if it's popular, many of us think it's right, per se. So when we think we're doing ourselves a favor, or being 'good', we really aren't.

  Let's weed through the hype. Here are some foods that fall short:

  It's not that all of these foods are 'bad' for you. Many times it's the quantity of them can make them less-than-healthy.

  When all else fails, read the labels!

P.S. Bear with me as I teach myself how to use Photoshop. Hopefully I'll have some fun graphics for you to check out!

Jillian Michaels Podcast 11/17/2012
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