Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Horsemeat Controversy

Easy to make jokes about horsemeat in the food supply.

  Today's entry is short and to the point. And basically me just tossing out an idea.

  I'm sure you all have heard about the horsemeat scandal that is spreading throughout Europe. It's made its way from Iceland and Ireland, to the UK, to Spain, Italy and France, and most recently, to the Czech Republic.

  It's hit the newsstands worldwide. And I get it, it's big news. You want to get what you pay for (truth in advertising). If you think you are buying beef, you want it to be beef. And definitely not beef, with traces of other types of meat mixed in.

  Pardon my ignorance for a moment, but humans basically eat every sort of meat in the world, right? So what's the big deal about horsemeat? Not that I really want to eat it, but is it because they didn't know they were eating horsemeat?

  That's the one aspect of this hubbub I don't understand. I think it has made such big waves because it's also about people not knowing what they're eating. And to me, that brings up an all too familiar topic: GMOs and GMO labeling.

Eating 'blindfolded' is nothing new.
  I for one, don't want to knowingly, or unknowingly, eat horse (though I'm betting I have). Just the same, I don't want to knowingly, or unknowingly, eat genetically modified or chemical-covered foods.

  My point is, we don't know what we eat ALL the time!

  Maybe this is me making too big of a jump. That it's not the same thing. But to me it is.

  Being in the dark about what we're eating is the same. No matter if it's a type of meat, or a chemical or a genetically modified food. Eating with a blindfold on, is eating with a blindfold on.

  This illustrates the bigger issue: food safety and the food supply.

  Tell me if I'm off-base.



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