Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Yesterday on the beach.

   Ah yes, the Monday morning blahs. After a long weekend, that included sleeping on a bus two consecutive nights (while playing a game in between - a game we lost by the way), my Monday morning blahs are at an all time high. I'm sure you know the feeling, don't feel like doing much of anything, right? Lucky for me, this Monday morning, I don't have to do much of anything.

  So I put on a pot of coffee, and am trying to get my week figured out. My week of blogging. My week of practices/workouts. My trips to see the physio (20+ hours on the bus wrecked my back, and remember that ankle 'sprain' I had back in August?? Well, that's still giving me issues...). And it's Thanksgiving this week, so I'm trying to figure out our menu!

  I know, I know, all pressing matters, but everything's relative, remember?!?!

Laveyron guard driving to the hoop.
  Quick road trip recap for those who are interested. DMBC Dunkerque played against Laveyron on Saturday night. Laveyron is located just south of Lyon. So once again, we got to travel from the northernmost city in France (Dunkerque), to almost the southernmost point. We left Friday night, traveled through the night, and arrived in Laveyron just after 7am Saturday morning. The team had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and then all went 'back' to bed for a few hours. After sleeping on and off for roughly four to five hours on the bus, that two hour nap was an absolute must!

  Sorry to say we lost our game by 11 points. Laveyron had a good team. Two tough inside players, and a solid point guard. Those elements are crucial to having a successful team: a point guard to run the show, and bigs to be an inside presence. No matter where you play, that formula will never change!

  After the loss, it was back to the bus for the ride back to Dunkerque. Since it was dark on both the outgoing and return trips, I can't say I saw anything interesting. I did happen to catch something funny just outside of Lyon though: a nightclub called 'Obama Discotheque'. I have to wonder if the White House knows about that one. ;)

Yesterday's sunset in Dunkerque.
  Usually Mondays are a day my team uses to recover and rejuvenate. To get ready for the upcoming week of practice. After a Saturday game, we always have Sundays off. And then Monday we meet in the afternoon for a weight workout, and do sauna/steam/hot tub (whichever your preference). I think it's a nice routine. It helps you ease back into practice, and get your body ready to train hard another week.

  This week however, we got an extra day off and didn't have a formal team workout today. So I'm using it to plan my week! Or is that just an excuse to not do anything?

  How do you battle a case of the Mondays?

  Now, back to my Thanksgiving menu...



  1. How do handle Monday's? 6:00 am workout with my favorite trainer, strong coffee, and off to work. But this week Monday is Thursday, Tue is Friday then a bunch of Saturdays!!!!!! Thanksgiving menu is planned by others. I just have to eat it. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sabrina.

  2. @Rene Moriarty

    Sounds like YOU have the life!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Rene! Enjoy your Saturdays! :)