Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Replacing Your Runners

Worn out runners!

  Alright you runners/walkers out there: when is the last time you replaced your shoes? I know, I know, you have your favorite pair, and don't want to give them up! And new shoes are expensive, aren't they?

  I'm the same way. It's hard to part with your favorite pair of shoes!

  But how are those knees and shins feeling? If you wait until your body starts to break down to change out your shoes, you've waited too long! Running in a pair of worn out shoes is just as bad as running in the wrong pair of shoes.

  The general consensus for replacing shoes for runners and walkers ranges from 350-500 miles. Depending on how often you run, that's a pretty big span.

  Outside of mileage, the best advice is to listen to your body! You know how great you feel when you break out a new pair, right? As your shoes gradually wear down, the aches and pains mount up. And before too long, you forget what it's SUPPOSED to feel like. Running isn't supposed to hurt!

General Rule Based on 500 miles. So it should be more frequent if you're abiding by 350 miles.

You run: Replace:
2 days/week Once/Year
3 days/week Every 8 months
4-5 days/week Every 6 months
6-7 days/week every 4 months

  When you're not getting the protection and support you once were, nagging aches and pains arise: sore arches, shin pain, achy knees or other small annoyances. These aren't full-blown injuries to force you to take an immediate break. But if they're ignored long enough, those aches and pains can turn into a larger problem. And no one wants that!

  Also, how enjoyable is running/walking with an injury? It's not fun. So if the solution is as simple as buying a new pair of shoes (versus a visit to the doctor), then get yourself to the shoe store ASAP!

Nike's ReUse-A-Shoe program.
  Once you've decided to retire the old pair, recycle them! Nike has a great program called ReUse-A-Shoe that breaks down recycled shoes into raw materials that are then used to make athletic playing surfaces (tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc).

  You can find drop off locations here, but drop boxes are generally found at all Nike and Converse stores around the world.

  It's a great way to get rid of those shoes that clutter up your closet, while benefiting your
community and the environment!

  There are several factors that go into how often you should replace your shoes: mileage, your gait, if you are heavier (in weight), or are heavier on your feet, etc. But the factor that is most important, is listening to you body! Your knees, shins, and achilles will thank me. After all, shoes are cheaper to replace than knees! And if you're anything like me, you'll love breaking out a new pair!

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