Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Markets

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church under the lights.

  Lights, trees, stars, glühwein, spiced nuts, gingerbread, meter-long hot dogs, cookies, hot chocolate, toys, nativity scenes...what's not to like?!? It's December in Europe, and the Christmas Markets are opening!

  From my experiences, the best I've seen are in Berlin. When the Christmas Markets are open, something extra-special happens with the atmosphere in the city. The weather was cold, yet the streets were filled, and the people were smiling. Tourists and Berliners alike were out in droves celebrating the holiday spirit. And just the sheer number and size of the markets throughout the city was unbelievable.

Braunschweig Christmas Market.

  Now I'm sure there are other great Christmas Markets in Europe that rival the ones in Berlin. I just haven't been there yet!! Let me know if you've been to a good one.

  The Christmas Markets provide you with a place where you can get out and enjoy the festivities, treat yourself to a special holiday drink or goody, or find a unique Christmas present for your friends and family. I know I've
found a lot of presents to bring home to loved
ones at the Markets!

  Organizers were setting up the Christmas Market here in Dunkerque on Wednesday. And I've noticed decorative lights being put up throughout the city the past few weeks. The holiday lights always adds a little more brightness to the city, in both senses. It brightens up the dark, dreary, winter nights, and I think it puts everyone in a happier, more-festive mood! So with the opening of the Market, I'll have something too look forward to next week.

One of the many Berlin Christmas Markets.
  Are there Christmas Markets like this in the States? I'm sure there are, but I definitely haven't been to any! I don't think there's one in Portland, if there is, I have definitely missed out.

  What are some of your favorite Christmas/Holiday traditions to enjoy throughout December? I'd love to hear about them!

  I have a lot of pictures to share this time around, and not much is explanation needed! Enjoy...hope it puts you in the holiday spirit! :)

  ~ Sabrina

Berlin with Cicci & Steph.

Making glühwein.

Enjoying some glühwein & hot chocolate in Berlin.


Berlin again.

Braunschweig, Germany.
Yes, pure sugar!


  1. Arli-Dazzle Parade in Arlington, Mn, the hometown, tomorrow. Over 75 units in a town of 2000. Could give Berlin a run for their money! I'll take pics. Glad your feeling festive this holiday season, and I love your pictures.

  2. @Rene Moriarty

    That sounds pretty legit!! Yes, take pics....I want to see! :) Have fun...SS

  3. @maccascruff

    Thank you! Figured pictures were the best way to convey how great the markets are... :)